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Dress to Distress

Over time, the ever-gazing eye of traditionalism has remained(for the most part) unwavering in it's view of the typical household door.

Fast-forward to the present day, we can now furnish our homes with some of the most innovative styles imaginable. While it's clear modern architecture and technology have served many great advantages, it's also seen the more traditional doors sent away to perish... 

Though not all is lost, for with decay bursts new life! Distressed doors are the bi-product of aged and weathered period doors. With the passing seasons, they begin to blossom and unfold with layers of rich colorful history, showcasing the years that have gone before them. What could once be thought of as 'traditional' now takes on a whole new, modern edge. 

Here at Period Pine Doors we offer a wide range of Distressed furniture perfect to pop in any part of the home needing that of sprinkle of splendour. We have supplied many customers, shops and salons looking for quir…